More information about The Vitamin Band

The Vitamin Band Music Program is based on the text book "The Vitamin Band". 

This mnemonic method helps all beginners quickly and easily learn how to read sheet music. 

Very soon the need for stickers fades away, and you or your child are well equipped for reading sheet music and playing new melodies on the keyboard.

This method of teaching piano encourages healthy eating and introduces young readers to music. In this book delicious fruits and vegetables help teach children and their parents how to play 7 musical notes on the piano and read sheet music.

It reinforces: 

  • how healthy and yummy popular fruits and vegetables are;
  • how they are grown;
  • how to read and play seven musical notes on the piano: do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti. 

Each book includes two sets of FREE stickers to use on your piano or keyboard at home. 

This book is printed on recycled paper using soy based ink. Lead and phthalate free.