The Vitamin Band Music Program for all ages

Learn to play piano and to read sheet music in a fun way!

The Vitamin Band program was designed with the idea to instantly spark interest for piano in kids and adults. The mnemonic system enables everybody to start learning musical notes and playing simple melodies right away, even at the first lesson!
Students quickly progress to simple songs, and learn to read sheet music independently!
Author of this new teaching method, Olena, has formal music training, and more than 20 years of teaching experience. Olena beleives that learning to play piano can and should be a fun, interactiv and rewarding activity!

Lessons offered for kids (4 years old and up) and adults:

  • Beginners;
  • Intermediate level;
  • Performance piano.

Ready to schedule your introductory lesson? Please e-mail Olena at

Lessons are offered on Saturdays at ArtsHub, Lafayette (420 Courtney Way, Lafayette CO 80026).